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A woman going on a hike with proper gear. Which are the best hiking stations near Mars, PA?

Where Can I Go Hiking Near the Mars, PA area?

Hiking Near Mars, PA

We live in cities where mental exhaustion is commonplace. Today’s commoner is not only emotionally anxious but also physically exhausted. Mother Nature steps in to help us. As a getaway from the everyday grind of city life, we may always put on our hiking gear and go for a hike. Hiking provides several benefits, ranging from stress relief and improved mental health to reduced heart disease and diabetes risk. We’ve taken a look at some of the top hiking spots near Mars, PA. But wait. What are your plans for getting there? Go hiking after renting or purchasing a Toyota vehicle at Baierl Toyota in Mars, PA. Schedule a test drive today! Take a peek at our inventory.

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person putting yellow mustard on to a hot dog

Where Can I Get Eat Hots Dogs near Pittsburgh, PA?

What Are the Best Hot Dog Restaurants near Pittsburgh, PA?

While the main holiday in July is Independence Day, we like to take the time to appreciate the smaller and more unique national holidays. One of Baierl Toyota’s favorite national holidays is National Hot Dog Day which occurs on July 21st. If you want to join us in celebrating this weird holiday, check out our list of the best hot dog restaurants near Pittsburgh, PA.

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four green recycling logos with different items as the arrows

How Does Toyota Reduce Waste?

Toyota Talks About Practicing Environmental Sustainability with Its Materials

Recently, Toyota started an environmental journey. The Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 focuses on creating a positive impact on society and the environment through six challenges. The fifth challenge’s goal is to support a recycling-based society. How does Toyota do this? Watch the video we shared below where Toyota talks about practicing environmental sustainability with its materials. We guarantee you’ll learn a lot about their sustainability efforts!

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shelves full of books

Where Can I Buy Books in the Pittsburgh, PA Area?

Best Bookstores to Shop at in Pittsburgh, PA Area

The pandemic has led to many of us spending a lot more time at home. Many people used this increased time at home to start new hobbies or get back into old ones. A hobby that many people share is reading. If you’ve ran out of books to read in your house, you might be looking to stock up your personal library. Where can you find books in the Pittsburgh, PA area? Keep reading as we share some our favorite bookstores to shop at in Pittsburgh.

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banner with leaves and flowers that says happy thanksgiving

How Can I Celebrate Thanksgiving in 2020 While Staying Safe?

How to Enjoy Thanksgiving 2020 Celebrations Safely at Home

As we all know, 2020 has been a crazy year. Most of it has been in quarantine with restricted store hours and practicing social distancing. While Thanksgiving is typically a time of year when you get together with friends and family to share what you are thankful for, the pandemic has completely changed how we celebrate holidays. If you’re curious as to how you can enjoy your Thanksgiving 2020 celebrations while also being safe at home, keep reading for our favorite suggestions.

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Cobie Smulders in a 2020 Toyota Highlander

See all the Toyota Highlander Big Game commercials in one video

Who was the actress in the Toyota Highlander football game commercials?

The Big Game is always the best place for commercials. Some people tune in just to see them, and in case you missed it, Toyota had a very special campaign for the Toyota Highlander depicting the spacious SUV picking up all sorts of people in dire straits. Who was the actress in the Toyota Highlander football game commercial? We have answers and a video so you can see them all for yourself. Read the rest of this entry >>

Orange leaves on trees

Where to see the leaves change

Best Parks to see the leaves change near Wexford PA 

September is the last stretch of summer and that means fall is right around the corner. There are plenty of things to do this fall, but something that only comes once a year is seeing the leaves change. We have a list of the best parks to see the leaves change near Wexford PA. Let’s take a look and see what the area has to offer.  Read the rest of this entry >>