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Watch the Video Tutorial: How to Refuel the 2022 Toyota Mirai?

A Video Guide: Refueling the 2022 Toyota Mirai   

The Toyota Mirai is an excellent choice for people who prefer comfort over luxury. Additionally, the fuel economy of the Mirai has been improved when compared with to the 2021 edition, with an outstanding performance both on the highway and in the city. The second generation of the Toyota Mirai series boasts a futuristic design that is more appealing than its predecessor. Join us at Baierl Toyota in Mars, PA, to learn  to learn how to refuel the Toyota Mirai.

Check out the tutorial video below of how-to-refuel Toyota Mirai!

Mirai is a significant improvement over its first-generation counterpart. Both the gas and electric hybrid versions are equipped with the same drivetrain but do not rely on an internal combustion engine. This vehicle has a stylish high-end interior to match its elegant exterior, dynamic driving experience, and an extended range of 402 miles based on EPA estimates. 

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The 2022 Toyota Mirai offers an exceptional level of comfort due to its precise craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. All the latest models can now be ordered at Baierl Toyota in Mars, PA. For further information, contact us at (724) 655-4309. Schedule a test drive with us today!