When to Fill Your Toyota’s Fuel Tank

Don’t Run Your Toyota’s Fuel Tank Down to Empty!

When to Fill Your Toyota’s Fuel Tank

We’ve all experienced it before: we find ourselves down to less than a quarter of a tank of fuel and we convince ourselves to wait because it’s cold outside, we are carrying temperature sensitive groceries, or we just want to go home. We tell ourselves that we will fill up the next time that we drive. And then when the next time comes along—just as luck would have it—we are running late or dealing with other inconveniences, and our anxiety and blood pressure start to rise as that fuel gauge quickly makes its way down to that dreaded “E”. Don’t let that happen ever again by learning when to fill your Toyota’s fuel tank at the right time!

Red fuel pump nozzleAt What Point Should I Fill My Tank?

Here at Baierl Toyota, we recommend that you fill up the fuel tank of your 2016 Toyota Camry once you reach the quarter-tank mark. Something to remember is that the gauge provides only an estimate, and the last little bit of fuel always goes down fast, and you will certainly need more than that if you are stuck in heavy traffic or snow.

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That Little Excuse of Inconvenience Could Become an Even Bigger Inconvenience

As we described in our opening scenario, we all have plenty of excuses to not make the stop at the fuel station to fill up due to inconvenience. But allowing your 2016 Toyota 4Runner to run out of fuel can lead to an even bigger—not to mention more expensive—inconvenience. The consequential anxiety and raised blood pressure is already painful enough, but running out of fuel while on the road will result in a tow job and possible engine damage. Repairing that damage will be even more expensive and a bigger inconvenience than the $40 and 10-minute fill-up would have been.

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Baierl Toyota is Here to Help!

If you have any additional questions regarding the fuel economy of your Toyota, or if you want to keep yours running smoothly, feel free to contact the Baierl Toyota service department and schedule a maintenance appointment! Our knowledgeable staff members are always happy to help!