2020 Toyota RAV4 vs 2020 Ford Escape

There are a lot of SUVs to choose from, but if you are looking for something in the same class as the RAV4 or the Escape, we can help you determine which one is best. We put together a comprehensive 2020 Toyota RAV4 vs 2020 Ford Escape comparison to help you understand which vehicle will be right for you. We will explore power, technology, and more.

We will show you that the 2020 RAV4 is clearly the better option. If you are looking for a new RAV4 in the Pittsburgh area, Baierl Toyota near Pittsburgh can help. You can view our entire inventory by clicking the link below. Of course, you can keep reading to learn more about these two models and what separates them!

2020 Toyota RAV4


2020 Ford Escape

203 Standard Horsepower 180
Standard Adaptive Cruise Control Not Available
Standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Available
LED Standard Headlights Halogen

What SUV is better: RAV4 or Escape?

Having more horsepower is a big plus. It will give you more pep away from your stops and it will feel a lot more comfortable when you have a fully loaded vehicle. That’s why the RAV4 gives you much more horsepower to start with.

Adaptive cruise control is a wonderful feature. You set it like normal cruise control, but then it slows down automatically when your vehicle encounters traffic. Once the traffic clears, your car equipped with adaptive cruise control speeds back up to your desired speed. This feature indeed comes entirely standard on the 2020 RAV4. On the Ford Escape, you have to go all the way up to the top trim, which costs over $10,000 more, to get the feature standard.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are making big waves in automotive. They make interfacing your compatible smartphone with your car easy and simple. With these integrations, you can easily access apps and navigation right from your infotainment screen. Both integrations come standard on the 2020 RAV4.

LED headlights provide a crisp and clear view of the road. It will almost look like day where your headlights fall. That’s why the RAV4 keeps it as a standard feature over halogen. If there was any doubt in your mind over which headlights are better, the Escape includes LED headlights on higher trim levels.