2020 Toyota Sequoia vs 2020 GMC Yukon

When you need a big SUV that’s ready for you and your whole family, you need a Toyota. Not just any Toyota though, but a Toyota Sequoia with seating for up to eight people and the latest technology throughout. Are you thinking about a different large SUV? Let us show you why that may not be the best idea with our 2020 Toyota Sequoia vs 2020 GMC Yukon comparison. We will look at the price of course, but we will also look at features, capabilities, and more.

The Sequoia comes out on top in case you had any doubt and you can see that reflected below. If you are shopping for your large SUV in the Pittsburgh or Cranberry Township areas, and you know you want a Toyota, then you should check out what Baierl Toyota has to offer with our new Sequoia inventory by clicking the link below.

2020 Toyota Sequoia


2020 GMC Yukon

$49,905 Base MSRP $50,600
Standard Adaptive Cruise Control Available
Standard Blind Spot Monitoring Not Available
120.1 Cubic-Feet Cargo Room 94.7 Cubic-Feet

Which SUV is right for you: Sequoia or Yukon?

Price is one thing, but the fact that the Sequoia is a little more affordable than the Yukon and comes with adaptive cruise control standard is astounding. What’s more astounding, or perhaps even ridiculous if you really wanted to side with the Yukon is that even if you got the top Denali trim of the Yukon complete with its starting price of $67,000, you still would not get adaptive cruise control. Instead, you would have to pay extra to get that much sought-after feature included.

Another feature that the Yukon ignores on its base trim is blind spot monitoring. This wonderful feature keeps you apprised of what’s in your blind-spot which can be exceptionally useful in a vehicle as large as the Sequoia or Yukon. Here, you have to go all the way up to the Denali trim before the feature becomes available, at least this time GMC includes it with that huge price tag.

The Sequoia gives you tons of cargo room. Even with all the seats occupied you still have 18.9 cubic-feet of cargo room in back. If you fold down your third row, that room expands to 66.6 cubic-feet of room. Lastly, if you fold down the second row along with the third row, then you get that max 120.1 cubic-feet of room which is a lot more than the Yukon especially considering that the Sequoia is only a little over an inch longer than the Yukon.