How can I better protect myself on the road?

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Safe Winter Driving Tips 

With snow and ice on the road, you have to be careful while you’re driving. Many drivers have trouble acclimating to winter roads and need to learn how to handle them. We want to help. We have a list of safe winter driving tips to give you a hand this winter. Let’s take a look. 

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Road in winter


Driving slower than usual is a great idea in any kind of weather. Whether it’s rain or snow, you should slow down so you can brake quicker. You should slow down, brake sooner, and turn when you have enough time. You don’t need to be in a rush. Take your time to reach your destination safely. 


Winter is when vehicles can start to perform at a lesser level. The cold slows everything down and makes the vehicle work harder. Make sure that you have enough winter wiper fluid to get rid of the snow and ice on your windshield. Also make sure that your tires are fit for the snowy roads. Any other vehicle problems should be dealt with right away. 


Snow can decrease visibility on the road. You should always be aware of what’s around you while you’re driving. Keeping an eye on other drivers and making sure you have enough time to turn and brake are essential. Listen for weather broadcasts so you don’t get caught in a storm. Three or four inches of snow is enough to slow down traffic and raise the chances of an accident. 

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We hope we helped you with these safe winter driving tips. If you need a new car this winter, you can check out our online inventory to see what we have available and schedule a test drive with us at Baierl Toyota.

4 Responses to “How can I better protect myself on the road?”

  1. Shanika Rathnayake says:

    Winter season is harsh for vehicles. During winter, the roads are generally covered with snow. There are chances of skidding while driving in the snow. So, we should drive slowly. We must accelerate and decelerate slowly. Brakes must be applied slowly. Winter tires are a good option for use at this time. These tires provide better grip in the snow covered road. Windshield wipers are frequently used during winter. So, they wear out .Therefore for proper visibility, we have to replace the windshield wipers.

  2. Anna Campbell says:

    Driving on a slippery road surface could lead to an accident and hence one should be very careful while driving a vehicle on a road surface covered with snow. Besides, one should use snow tire during such period of a year to get better traction on the snowy road surface and get better control over the vehicle which is crucial to prevent any major accidents. A car needs special attention during the winter months to keep it in working order. The appearance of unnatural signs which shows that certain components are not working effectively should not be ignored and the reason behind the appearance of the abnormal sign should be identified and fixed in time to keep the vehicle in working order.

  3. Shemekia Bailey says:

    Winter driving sometimes can be a daunting task specially when the conditions are snowy or icy. We should drive slowly and carefully over the snowy road surface and shouldn’t make any abrupt turns and stops. We must learn how to control skids as there is chances of skidding on the snowy road. We mustn’t use the cruise control under these conditions. Winter tires are a good option in these icy roads as these are able to provide better traction. The ordinary tires of your car must be replaced by winter tires. For tire replacement at an authorized car service center,you may contact:

  4. Jenny Parker says:

    It is really difficult to get better control over the vehicle during the winter months due to snowfall which may cause an accident. Hence, a driver should be very careful while driving a vehicle to reduce the possibilities of an accident. Different types of lubricants used in the vehicle thicken during the winter months due to the extremely cold temperature which has a significant negative influence on the performance of the vehicle. So, such lubricants should be replaced with thinner substitutes to get better results. For more information about car maintenance, visit

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