Baierl Toyota donates more than $62,000 to local school districts

One of our favorite things about being a part of the Pittsburgh-area community is the opportunity for us to give back to those who do so much for our area. We know the value of education in all areas, and that's why it was our pleasure to donate to three school districts around us, in order to help students get a head start on their lives. Check out our donations below!

Our donation to Ellwood Area School District

Being fed at school is something that no student should ever have to worry about, so we took it upon ourselves to donate as much as it took to clean out unpaid lunch balances for students in the Elwood Area district. This sum totaled $22,181.47 in full, but it's worth every penny for kids to know that their needs are being met! 

Our donation to New Brighton Area School District

The Weekend Backpack Program was designed to help needy, less fortunate students in the New Brighton Area District have food over the weekends when not at school, and we gave $20,000 to help the district with the cause. With this, we hope that no child in New Brighton will go hungry during the school year. 

Our donation to Beaver Falls School District

Beaver Falls School District has its own emergency fund, designed to help feed homeless students, provide them with new clothes, and even arrange for job interviews for them to get experience in the working world. We donated another $20,000 to this cause, and it will be our pleasure to see these amazing kids go on to live happy, healthy and successful lives!