Red 2022 Toyota Highlander carrying two bikes. What are the performance ratings?

Where Do the Performance Ratings of the 2022 Toyota Highlander Stand?

2022 Toyota Highlander Performance Ratings

After a near-complete facelift for its 2020 rendition, the Toyota Highlander established the bar for three-row SUVs. Even though the 2022 Highlander looks similar to its predecessors, it offers enhanced comfort, a smoother ride, and more powerful engine specs. At Baierl Toyota in Mars, PA, SUV enthusiasts can test drive the new 2022 Toyota Highlander. Continue reading to find more about the performance ratings of the 2022 Toyota Highlander.

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Front view of a 2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro on a off-roading track. What are the engine specifications?

What are the Engine Specifications of the 2022 Toyota Tacoma?

2022 Toyota Tacoma Engine Specifications

One of the best-selling trucks in America, Toyota Tacoma has built its reputation as a truck that delivers sublime performance coupled with excellent safety ratings. Despite competing in the heavily crowded pickup truck segment, Tacoma has been able to stay relevant for more than 15 years now. With every new rendition, Tacoma adds or updates new features and functionalities and successfully caters to the daily trucking needs of customers. The drapes are off the 2022 Toyota Tacoma, and it is well on its way to becoming a best-seller. Head to Baierl Toyota in Mars, PA, and test drive the new 2022 Toyota Tacoma. Continue reading to learn about the engine specifications of the 2022 Toyota Tacoma.

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Gray and White Toyota Corolla Vehicles under a bridge. What are the tecnhology features?

List of Technology Features in the 2022 Toyota Corolla

2022 Toyota Corolla Technology Features

Toyota Corolla has undergone substantial changes over the years and thanks to its resilient build, it has been on American roads since decades. Be it technology, safety features, or design, Toyota has updated every aspect of the Corolla and kept it running, catering to its wide clientele. Head to Baierl Toyota in Mars, PA, and check out the new 2022 Toyota Corolla.

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Green 2022 Toyota Sienna under the sun. What are the performance ratings?

Does the 2022 Toyota Sienna Have Good Performance Ratings?

2022 Toyota Sienna Performance Ratings

Even though minivans have lost some of their allure, the rivalry within the segment is as fierce as ever. Automobile manufacturers such as Chrysler, Honda, Kia, and Toyota are putting in a lot of resources to come up with minivans that drive seamlessly and house a wide range of interior and exterior elements. The race is on for 2022 as well, and from what we have studied so far, the competition might be fierce. Nonetheless, the 2022 Toyota Sienna will most likely come on top as it is the only hybrid minivan in 2022 and offers excellent space for cargo and passengers. You can get your hands behind the wheels of the new 2022 Toyota Sienna at Baierl Toyota in Mars, PA. Schedule a test drive now! Scroll down to know more about the performance ratings of the 2022 Toyota Sienna.

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Gallery of Exterior Paint Options of the 2022 Toyota Corolla

Arrive in style every day with the 2022 Toyota Corolla. Starting from $20,100, this compact sedan will be available in both – gas and hybrid models. Corolla combines a bold body with a 139-hp performance that delivers every single day. There are 9 amazing trims and 16 attractive colors for you to choose from. Check out this gallery of exterior color paint options of the 2022 Toyota Corolla. Visit Baierl Toyota for credit approval and book your Toyota today. Still, deciding? Schedule a test drive from home.

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Close Up of 2021 Toyota RAV4 Touchscreen Display with Apple CarPlay

How-To Guide to Toyota Apple CarPlay Setup

How To Use Apple CarPlay in Your Toyota 

Apple CarPlay is an important feature for many car buyers that allows iPhone users to connect their device with the infotainment system in their car and access their favorite iPhone apps via the vehicle’s touchscreen display. Toyota models – like the 2021 Toyota RAV4 and many more – come standard with Apple CarPlay smartphone integration with the Toyota Entune multimedia system and provide access to your favorite mobile application. Use this quick how-to guide and learn how to use Apple CarPlay in your Toyota today at Baierl Toyota in Mars, PA.

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Gray and White Toyota Corolla Vehicles under a bridge. What are the tecnhology features?

What Are the Safety Features of the 2022 Toyota Corolla?

Is the Latest Corolla Reliable?

For decades, Toyota Corolla has been running on American roads and has rightfully earned its name as a compact car that is not only safe but also offers great value for money. The 2022 Toyota Corolla is a 12th generation vehicle that comes with several upgrades as compared to its predecessors. Once known for reliability, the present-day Toyota Corolla has more to offer – be it subtle accent lines, latest technology features, or top-notch interior elements. The 2022 Toyota Corolla comes with a wide range of safety features, high fuel economy rating, and easy-to-use controls. If you want to get your hands behind the wheels of a new 2022 Toyota Corolla, head to Baierl Toyota in Mars, PA. You can schedule a test drive online.

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Driver angle of a blue 2022 Toyota Camry

What are the Powertrain Options for the 2022 Toyota Camry?

2022 Toyota Camry Engines and Drivetrains

Thinking about your next ride? While you could settle for a sedan that offers just enough power to get you to your destination, consider taking your drive to the next level. The 2022 Toyota Camry is famous for its high performance in the mid-size sedan market. Explore each of the powertrain options for the 2022 Toyota Camry with us at Baierl Toyota in Mars, PA.

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2021 Toyota 4Runner driving on a dirt road

2021 Toyota 4Runner is available in 10 different exterior paint color options

2021 Toyota 4Runner Color Options 

Besides offering you the power and capability you need to go on an adventure, the 2021 Toyota 4Runner also has the look and style you are looking for in a new SUV. With ten available exterior paint color options to choose from, you’ll be able to find a new 2021 Toyota 4Runner in Mars, PA that has the look you want on and off the road. Below, you will find all ten available color options, so you can choose your favorite. 

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Blue and white 2022 Toyota Prius on a lake side. WHat is the fuel economy rating?

What Is the Fuel Economy Rating of the 2022 Toyota Prius?

Is the Latest Prius Fuel-Efficient?

One of the first `hybrid vehicles to run on American roads, Toyota Prius has revolutionized the evolution of its segment. Built to offer impeccable fuel economy ratings, the Prius has long-lived the initial vision behind its launch and earned a long list of loyal and happy customers. The 2022 rendition of the Toyota Prius is the fourth generation of the Prius nameplate and continues to challenge other hybrids such as Honda Insight, Hyundai Elantra Hybrid, and Hyundai Ioniq, amongst others. If you are interested in getting your hands behind the wheels of the new 2022 Toyota Prius, head to Baierl Toyota in Mars, PA. Schedule a test drive now! Scroll down to learn about the fuel economy rating of the 2022 Toyota Prius.

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