2020 Toyota 4Runner red back view with family and dog

How many passengers can the 4Runner seat?

Does the 2020 Toyota 4Runner have third-row seats?

You want a vehicle that’s ready for adventure, but you also want one that’s ready for your family. Does the 2020 Toyota 4Runner have third-row seats? The short answer is yes. Allow us to fill you in on what trims this feature is available on and how much it costs.

2020 Toyota 4Runner brown leather third row seatsHow many does the 2020 4Runner seat standard?

By default, all 2020 Toyota 4Runner trims seat five people with two in the front row and three in the second row. However, there are several trims that add two seats in back for a third row. This brings the max seating capacity of the 4Runner to seven people.

What 4Runner trims can you get third-row seats on?

Not all trims get the option for a set of third-row seats. You can find this option on the SR5, SR5 Premium, Limited, and Nightshade Special Edition. This does leave out all the TRD trims and the Venture Special Edition trim.

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2020 Toyota 4Runner red leather back seatsHow much do the third-row 4Runner seats cost?

The base SR5 is the most affordable to add third-row seats to since the seats are cloth. You can add third-row seats to the SR5 for just $805. On the SR5 Premium trim, it adds $1,085 to the MSRP. This trim costs a little more because these are SofTex seats instead of cloth.

Finally, both the Limited and the Nightshade Special Edition can get leather third-row seats for $1,365. No matter which of these trims you decide to go with, you can get the third-row seating that you and your family need.

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2020 Toyota 4Runner brown leather front seatsWhat other features do the third-row seats come with?

Other than materials, all of these third-row seat options add the same features regardless of trim level. Of course, the third-row seats come with a 50/50 split-fold for quick and easy accommodation of both passengers and cargo, but that’s not all.

Adding the optional third row also upgrades the second row. On the passenger side, the sliding second row grants one-touch access. At the touch of a button, it folds forward giving easy access to that back row for all your passengers. Load up your 4Runner with seven people, and head out on a real adventure!

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