2020 Toyota Corolla balck side view at night

What is the Toyota automatic high beams feature?

How does the Toyota automatic high beams feature work?

If you’ve been digging through feature lists for Toyota models, then you’ve seen Toyota Safety Sense™ listed on pretty much all models, often as a standard feature. But it isn’t just one feature. It’s many features, and one of those features is automatic high beams. How does the Toyota automatic high beam feature work? We will take an in-depth look at this feature and provide answers.

2020 Toyota Tundra white front view headlights on

How do automatic high beams know when to turn on and off?

Automatic high beams actually work much like you do. They are looking down the road to see oncoming headlights. If it detects headlights, it turns off the high beams and engages the low beams. When the headlights pass, the system automatically engages the high beams again.

This is a big safety upgrade. Not only does it ensure that your high beams are on when they can be so that you have a clear view of the road ahead, but it also protects other drivers on the road from being blinded by your high beams.

The system will not just recognize oncoming headlights, but taillights as well to prevent blinding people through their mirrors. Additionally, the system will only operate at speeds above 25 mph to ensure that high beams are not being used during low-speed city driving.

2020 Toyota RAV4 headlight closeup

What 2020 Toyota models have automatic high beams

Almost the entire Toyota lineup has automatic high beams as an available feature. In fact, the only 2020 model on which this feature is absent are is the Yaris in both sedan and hatchback varieties. All other Toyota models from the Corolla on up at least have automatic high beams as an available feature, and most include it standard on the base trim.

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