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What are all the Toyota warning lights?

Toyota warning lights and their meanings

Whether you have a warning light on your dash or are just curious about what warning lights could spring up on the dash of your Toyota, we are here to help. We will go through all the most common Toyota warning lights and their meanings.

Toyota ABS lightABS Malfunction

Toyota battery lightCharging System Malfunction

Toyota cruise lightCruise Control Indicator

Toyota power steering lightPower Steering Warning

Toyota headlights lightHeadlight Indicator

Toyota highbeam lightHigh Beam Indicator

Toyota oil lightEngine Oil Pressure

Toyota fuel lightLow Fuel

Toyota washer fluid lightLow Washer Fluid

Toyota maintenance lightMaintenance Reminder

Toyota security lightSecurity Indicator

Toyota slip lightSlip Indicator

Toyota airbag lightAirbag Indicator

Toyota airbag passenger lightSRS Warning

Toyota TPMS lightTire Pressure Warning

Toyota traction control lightTraction Control Off

Toyota turn signalTurn Signal Indicator

Toyota VSC lightVehicle Stability Control Off

Have a Toyota warning light that isn’t on this list?

Toyota and other car brands are always adding new technology and many of those new technologies have their own lights to go along with them. As such, some lights may only be applicable to a few vehicles or even specific trims. In those cases, it’s always best to either consult your owner’s manual or contact your local Toyota service department directly.

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Are all dashboard warning lights bad?

As you can perhaps tell, most of the lights on this list aren’t bad. They are purely informational. Some are just telling you something about your driving situation such as having your headlights on. Others are making you aware of minor problems that you can fix yourself such as low fuel or washer fluid. Even tire pressure is something most people are able to fix on their own.

Some major lights like engine oil pressure, power steering, or ABS indicate a major problem that requires your attention. Or more specifically, the attention of a service facility. When it comes time to take care of your service, be sure you are going to a real Toyota dealer. This way your Toyota will get the attention that it deserves.

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What to do about a Toyota Warning light?

Knowing what each light means can certainly help you diagnose a problem, but ultimately, you can just bring your Toyota to your nearest Toyota dealership. In the Pittsburgh and Cranberry Township area, you can come to Baierl Toyota. You can even schedule your service online right now!

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