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Maintenance services offered at Baierl Toyota

Where to get automotive maintenance near Pittsburgh PA

Maintaining your car is always important. It’s the secret to avoiding high repair bills later in your vehicle’s life. Don’t change the oil regularly? Then you could have serious engine problems down the road, and that’s just one example. What’s more, you want to have real professionals working on your vehicle and giving it the love and care that it deserves. If you want to know where to get automotive maintenance near Pittsburgh, PA, then Baierl Toyota is here to help

Where is Baierl Toyota located?

Our family has been serving Western Pennsylvania for decades. Our dealership and service center are both located in Mars, PA which allows us to serve a huge area including communities like Beaver Falls, Cranberry Township, and of course, the greater Pittsburgh area.

Just because we are a Toyota dealership and a Toyota service center does not mean that we are limited to the brand. Not in the least. Our technicians have experience working on a variety of brands, and when it comes to your vehicle’s maintenance, these professionals are ready to take care of you.

What services does Baierl Toyota provide?

In the Baierl Toyota service center, we do pretty much everything. Any kind of maintenance that your vehicle should get or repairs that it needs performed, our service center can handle it. We put together a service menu below that will direct you to more information on a variety of our services, but this is by no means the limit of what we can do.

How to schedule service with Baierl Toyota

All of those pages that we linked to above will get you to a spot where you can schedule maintenance, but you can also give our service department a call at (724) 453-4057 or you can go directly to our schedule maintenance page linked below. Currently, we are offering pick-up and drop-off service as well. Please feel free to ask us about that.