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Does your Toyota need genuine OEM parts?

Why should you use OEM Toyota parts?

Have you ever wondered why dealerships make a big deal about their OEM parts? For example, why should you use OEM Toyota parts? We will answer that question for you and also explore what OEM parts and what their benefits are.

What is an OEM part?

An OEM part is a part made by either the manufacturer or by a supplier that the manufacturer relies on. The acronym stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Basically, these are the same parts that went into your vehicle in the first place, and they are always the best parts to get your vehicle, whether it’s a Toyota or some other make, back to operating like new again. In general, manufacturer-backed dealerships, like Baierl Toyota, are the best sources for such parts.

What do Toyota warning lights mean?

Toyota tech walking around a Toyota with a clipboardWill non-OEM parts void your Toyota warranty?

This depends. If the part isn’t integral to the way that your Toyota runs, such as wiper blades or even a windshield glass then it will likely not void your warranty, but parts that your Toyota relies on, including engine components, need to be genuine OEM parts.

What’s more, they also need to be installed by a Toyota service professional. If you are still in the warranty window for your Toyota, then you should rely on a dealership’s service center – like Baierl Toyota – to handle ordering the parts and to install them too.

Woman working on the tire of a TacomaWhere to get OEM Toyota parts near Pittsburgh

If you are looking for genuine OEM Toyota parts near Pittsburgh or even Cranberry Township, PA, then you should consider coming to Baierl Toyota. In fact, you can order your OEM Toyota parts right online. We have a huge number of parts in stock at all times, and what we don’t have we can get for you as soon as possible.

If there is an OEM Toyota part you need, whether it’s a windshield wiper or an engine component, you can click the link below to get to our order parts page. With this catalog, you can also get any accessories that you may want for your Toyota as well.

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